Forest Plan Maintenance Program

Management Review

The Management Review section of this site has been developed to help the public follow along and participate in the ongoing maintenance of the Tongass Forest Plan. The Forest Plan incorporates an Adaptive Management framework, which involves a continuous process of action-based planning, monitoring, research, evaluation, and adjustment with the objective of improving implementation and achieving desired management goals and objectives. As conditions, knowledge, and information change over time, it is reasonable to expect adjustments to be made in how the Forest Plan is implemented, or adjustments made to the Plan itself through amendments or revision. A summary of all Forest Plan amendments adopted since 2008 is provided in the table of Amendments to the 2008 Forest Plan.

The first page of this section provides an overview of the types of information that are available. Note how the site is linked on the left portion of your screen to facilitate easy navigation.

The Program Overview section gives an overview of how the Forest Plan Maintenance Program is managed to promote consistency, work assignments, and basic accountability.

The Potential Concerns section provides an overview of the potential concern process. The Potential Concern List identifies the potential concerns analyzed to date, each concern's priority rating, and the status of the work that will address that concern. Each potential concern on the list is linked to a completed concern worksheet that describes and discusses the concern, identifies the screening guidelines that have been assigned to it, and outlines a strategy to address that concern. A Concern Worksheet Guide is also located in this section so one can see the overall intent of the use of the worksheets.

The Screening Guidelines section describes the seven types of screens used to help guide the development of strategies for each concern. These screens are specific to the Forest Plan and its maintenance through time.

The Identify New Concern section provides instructions and options for you to submit a new potential Forest Plan-related concern. New potential concerns will be assessed periodically (monthly or quarterly) by the Tongass Forest Planner, and as applicable, new concern worksheets will be added to the Concern Statement listing.

The Newsroom section includes information such as news releases, talking points, and frequently asked questions specific to the Forest Plan Maintenance Program.