Forest Plan Maintenance Program


Forest planning is a dynamic process. The first Tongass Forest Plan was completed in 1979. After several amendments, the original plan was revised in 1997 and the 1997 plan has been amended many times since then. In 2008, a significant amendment of the Forest Plan was completed.

The Forest Plan incorporates an Adaptive Management framework, which involves a continuous process of action-based planning, monitoring, research, evaluation, and adjustment with the objective of improving implementation and achieving desired management goals and objectives. Monitoring and evaluation comprise an essential feedback mechanism designed to keep the Plan dynamic and responsive to changing conditions. The evaluation process also provides feedback that can trigger corrective action, adjustment of plans and budgets, or both, to facilitate feasible and meaningful action on the ground. This Website is designed to provide Forest Service staff, agencies, partners, and the public with information on the progress and results of plan implementation, as well as monitoring and evaluation.

This site is also designed to make information about the Forest Plan available to Forest Service staff, agencies, partners, and the public, in a user-friendly environment. The site is intended to serve as a source for all Forest Plan documents, maps, other references, and procedures/tools useful during implementation, as well as to provide a place for obtaining consistent training on the various elements of the Plan.

This Website is divided into three main sections, which are briefly described below:

Forest Plan Implementation

The Forest Plan Implementation section includes five main parts. The Forest Plan subsection, provides a copy of the 2008 Forest Plan, as well as the changes made between the 1997 and 2008 Forest Plans. It also provides a copy of the current Forest Plan that shows the changes since 2008. The Forest Plan Overview subsection provides an overview of the Forest Plan and its recent changes, and can be viewed as a training module. The Maps subsection provides copies of some important maps under the Forest Plan, and also includes a current Forest Plan Map, after recent amendments, along with a description of those changes. Similarly, the Procedures and Tools subsection provides information on important procedures and tools used in Forest Plan implementation, so that they are applied in an accurate and consistent manner. Finally, the Reference Library provides access to archived documents, links to related sites, and other references important to the Forest Plan.

Monitoring Program

The Monitoring Program branch includes annual monitoring and evaluation reports and many other items related to Forest Plan monitoring.

Management Review

The Management Review section includes a summary of issues or concerns that have been raised about the management of the Tongass and how they are being addressed, along with a mechanism for the public to enter new issues or concerns.